Telecommunication solutions


Infrastructure inspection

Safer, more cost effective, more accurate and repeatable results than traditional methods for wireless infrastructure inspection


Quality Tower Audits

Quality Tower Audits

Drones, when properly deployed, reduce overall maintenance costs for wireless carriers and tower owners, while simultaneously reducing traditional safety risks and increasing profits for all entities.

Summus’s Tower Audit Solution provides tower owners with a safer and more efficient method to supply the safety inspections and asset information their customers need to enable faster installations. Tower owners reach their revenue goals sooner and provide better service to their customer base.


Disaster Response

Disaster Response

Getting critical telecommunications infrastructure back online following a catastrophe is pivotal to emergency response efforts. To reduce the timeline for repair and reboot, wireless provider emergency centers must quickly understand the status of cell sites in potentially hazardous conditions.

Summus’s experienced crews can access many of these sites remotely with aerial drones, beaming live high-definition video back to wireless provider engineers so they can make vital decisions immediately.

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