Drone Energy solutions


Infrastructure inspection

Drones provide power and utility companies with comprehensive insight into their infrastructure operations and asset productivity more quickly and accurately than ever before. When properly collected, processed and analyzed over time, aerial drone data enables organizations to store historical performance data and leverage the power of portfolio analytics.



Drone Solar Panel Inspection

Drone inspections improve processes throughout the lifecycle of solar plants, from design, pre-construction, and development all the way to the commissioning and ongoing maintenance of assets.

Summus’s Comprehensive Site Development Solution provides site developers with the actionable data they need to identify sites primed for solar development and to complete solar facility designs that maximize power generation.

Summus’s Solar Operations and Maintenance Solution generates fast, safe, and accurate PV site inspections. Our innovative method for data capture and processing reduces turnaround time and produces best-in-class damage recognition accuracy.


Transmission & Distribution

Drone Transmission & Distribution

Accurate surveying of tower structures and power lines reduces corrective maintenance costs and improves asset life. Detailed visual imagery captured via drone allows for easier, safer, and faster identification and analysis of structural defects, hotspots, and other anomalies. 

Drones also are a vital tool to help get critical infrastructure back online and power in homes and businesses following a natural disaster. Summus’s pilot teams not only perform routine, scheduled inspections, but also stand ready to respond in times of need.


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