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Construction Projects

Drones produce comprehensive visual data that supports all aspects of planning, compliance, and monitoring in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries. We provide your project site decision makers with the system flexibility they need to easily track progress through each step of the construction life cycle.



Summus’s Aerial Mapping toolkit provides general contractors the equipment, training and technical support they need to elevate their operations through drone deployments.


Project Documentation Solution

Drone Project Documentation Solution

Gain valuable insight into the current status of your projects and access historical progress records with Summus's drone-powered Project Documentation solution. Our pilots and data engineers provide recurring drone imagery documentation of your active project sites. Improve team coordination efforts, safety planning, sitelogistics and stakeholder updates, all while integrating seamlessly with your BIM workflows.

Inspection Services

Drone Inspection Services

Acquiring detailed inspection photos of complex projects in hazardous environments is a very risky, expensive, and time-consuming process. Stakeholders and project managers can reduce hazardous man hours and increase return on investment by hiring Summus’s expert drone pilots to capture aerial data for damage or defect detection and analysis. 

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